BPC Prepaid Scratch Card

BPC prepaid customers can purchase BPC scratch cards (ranging from B$10 to B$40) at the following DST Incomm branches:

  1. The Mall
  2. Brunei International Airport
  3. Abdul Razak Complex (Opposite Centrepoint Gadong)

User Instructions

  1. Scratch the silver coating off to reveal the ‘Recharge Code Number’.
  2. SMS your 11-digit meter number followed by “*” or “#” and the 16-digit ‘Recharge Code Number’ to 8742200.
  3. You will receive an SMS with the 20-digit Token Code.
  4. You may now enter the 20-digit Token Code to top up your prepaid meter.
  5. In case of difficulties, please call (673) 2393357 / 58.

Terms and Conditions

  1. This card is valid for use on any BPC Keypad Meter.
  2. This recharge can be used once only.
  3. BPC will not accept liability for lost, damaged or over-scratched cards.