Our Commitment to Safety and the Environment

Berakas Power Company (BPC) is committed to Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) in the workplace. HSE is a core part of our business and is incorporated into everything that we do; there is NO activity so urgent or important that it cannot be done in an appropriate and safe manner. The quality of our activities and our success as a company is strongly determined by the maintenance of high standards of work, and primarily by the consistent and continuing efforts on prevention of accidents, incidents and environmental damage.

All individuals within BPC share this responsibility for achieving industry class HSE; everyone must be concerned about his/her person, fellow employees, contractors, the public and the company assets.

-------------------------------------------------- TO THIS END BPC SHALL --------------------------------------------------------

  • Ensure that top priority is always given to HSE and the welfare of all employees, contractors, visitors and the public.
  • Consider all applicable laws, regulations and other commitments as minimum requirements, which BPC shall strive to exceed.
  • Proactively assess health and safety risks, environmental and energy impacts and systematically define, document and implement improvement plans.
  • Provide suitable well-designed places of work.
  • Continuously research and utilize current best practice HSE technology and processes in order to promote sound HSE practise in the work-place.
  • Ensure that suppliers and contractors fully adopt and adhere to the HSE policies as laid out in BPC’s Contractors Handbook.
  • Identify appropriate HSE metrics and objectives within BPC’s HSE policy and provide the necessary resources, information and training to attain such objectives.
  • Ensure that HSE performance and compliance is monitored, documented and communicated in a clear and transparent way to employees, contractors, authorities and any other parties affected by our actions.