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Technology Articles

BPS Article IDArticle SubjectCourtesy of / Taken fromUploaded Date
BPS-Article-293Clean Electricity Shows the Way to a Decarbonized WorldCourtesy of cleantechnica.com19-Jan-23
BPS-Article-292Global trends in solar and storageCourtesy of pv-magazine.com19-Jan-23
BPS-Article-291Floating solar tech for aquacultureCourtesy of pv-magazine.com19-Jan-23
BPS-Article-290Giant battery goes online in ChinaCourtesy of pv-magazine.com19-Jan-23
BPS-Article-289This Picture Really Shows The Extent of South Africa’s Electricity CrisisCourtesy of cleantechnica.com19-Jan-23
BPS-Article-288EV Battery Prices Climb For The First TimeCourtesy of cleantechnica.com15-Dec-22
BPS-Article-287US solar assets underperforming, says kWh AnalyticsCourtesy of pv-magazine.com15-Dec-22
BPS-Article-286The Hydrogen Stream: Global renewables capacity for hydrogen to surge by 2027, says IEACourtesy of pv-magazine.com15-Dec-22
BPS-Article-285PV and the cable guideCourtesy of pv-magazine.com15-Dec-22
BPS-Article-284Japan on track to hit 90 GW of PV capacity by end 2023Courtesy of pv-magazine.com15-Dec-22
BPS-Article-283Chinese battery factory Coremax presents all-in-one residential battery & inverter solutionCourtesy of altenergymag.com23-Nov-22
BPS-Article-282Swiss startup builds ground-mounted solar thermal power plant in NetherlandsCourtesy of pv-magazine.com23-Nov-22
BPS-Article-281Weekend read: Solar tops the billCourtesy of pv-magazine.com23-Nov-22
BPS-Article-280Wireless power from spaceCourtesy of solardaily.com23-Nov-22
BPS-Article-279Rooftop PV performance during heatwavesCourtesy of pv-magazine.com23-Nov-22
BPS-Article-278Ontario confirms 1.5 GW-plus tender for battery storageCourtesy of pv-magazine.com19-Oct-22
BPS-Article-277Pairing batteries with rooftop solarCourtesy of pv-magazine.com19-Oct-22
BPS-Article-276Large-scale battery to support German power networkCourtesy of pv-magazine.com19-Oct-22
BPS-Article-275The battery that runs 630 km on a single chargeCourtesy of energy-daily.com19-Oct-22
BPS-Article-274Why the rush to mine lithium could dry up the High AndesCourtesy of greenbiz.com19-Oct-22
BPS-Article-273NREL Studies Next Steps to Fully Transform to Clean Electricity by 2035Courtesy of solarindustrymag.com19-Sep-22
BPS-Article-272Hydrogen bromide flow battery for large-scale renewables storageCourtesy of pv-magazine.com19-Sep-22
BPS-Article-271Solar-driven multigeneration system for hydrogen, electricity, heatCourtesy of pv-magazine.com19-Sep-22
BPS-Article-270How Africa could become a global hydrogen powerhouseCourtesy of greenbiz.com19-Sep-22
BPS-Article-269Aluminum-Sulfur Battery Promises Low Cost Energy StorageCourtesy of Cleantechnica.com19-Sep-22
BPS-Article-268Advice About Tires For Electric Cars From MichelinCourtesy of Cleantechnica.com23-Aug-22
BPS-Article-267Biden signs largest climate, energy package in US historyCourtesy of pv-magazine.com23-Aug-22
BPS-Article-266High-efficiency colored BIPV panelsCourtesy of pv-magazine.com23-Aug-22
BPS-Article-265Tigo Releases New 25-Amp Rapid Shutdown Devices for Solar ModulesCourtesy of solarindustrymag.com23-Aug-22
BPS-Article-264Electric Vehicle Technology FundamentalCourtesy of altenergymag.com23-Aug-22
BPS-Article-263XPeng Flying Car Caught Testing in China!Courtesy of Cleantechnica.com20-Jul-22
BPS-Article-262Semi-transparent perovskite solar cell for window applicationsCourtesy of PV-Magazine20-Jul-22
BPS-Article-261Supply Chain Issues Cause New-Build Solar Costs to Jump 14 Percent Since 2021Courtesy of solarindustrymag.com20-Jul-22
BPS-Article-260LG Moves Into The EV Charging BusinessCourtesy of cleantechnica.com20-Jul-22
BPS-Article-259Perovskite-silicon tandem solar cell with TOPCon structure hits 27.6% efficiencyCourtesy of PV-Magazine20-Jul-22
BPS-Article-258SMA to raise inverter capacity to 40 GWCourtesy of PV-Magazine17-Jun-22
BPS-Article-257Solar beehive in South KoreaCourtesy of PV-Magazine17-Jun-22
BPS-Article-256Ukrainian solar plant partly resumes operations after bombingCourtesy of PV-Magazine17-Jun-22
BPS-Article-255Meet the power plant of the future: Solar and battery hybridsCourtesy of Greenbiz17-Jun-22
BPS-Article-254Ukraine war: Why Putin wants help from India, China on oil purchaseCourtesy of Economictimes17-Jun-22
BPS-Article-2532021s Top 10 Countries in the Global EV Revolution Part 1Courtesy of cleantechnica12-May-22
BPS-Article-252Amazon signs PPA on 450-MW California solar + storage portfolioCourtesy of Billy Ludt12-May-22
BPS-Article-251Chinese PV Industry Brief: Huawei shipped 51 GW of PV inverters in 2021Courtesy of Vincent Shaw and Max Hall (pv-magazine)12-May-22
BPS-Article-250How Many Solar Panels Do You Need to Charge Your Electric Car?Courtesy of Sunpower12-May-22
BPS-Article-249New Law In France: Green Roofs On New Commercial BuildingsCourtesy of Johnna Crider (Cleantechnica)12-May-22
BPS-Article-248Panasonic combines fuel cells, batteries, PV to power factory in JapanCourtesy of Emiliano Bellini (PV-Magazine)22-Apr-22
BPS-Article-247On the road to wireless chargingCourtesy of Mike De Socio (www.greenbiz.com)22-Apr-22
BPS-Article-246How the war in Ukraine marks the end of the fossil fuel eraCourtesy of Kingsmill Bond (www.greenbiz.com)22-Apr-22
BPS-Article-245 Wind Turbines Can Stabilize the GridCourtesy of U.S Department of Enenrgy (cleantechnica.com)22-Apr-22
BPS-Article-244Ultra-thin perovskite-organic tandem solar cell with 24.0% efficiencyCourtesy of Emiliano Bellini (PV-Magazine)22-Apr-22
BPS-Article-243Green Your Morning RoutineCourtesy of Lunzeta Brackens Green Mountain Energy31-Mar-22
BPS-Article-242How to clean solar panels without waterCourtesy of David L. Chandler (Solar Daily)31-Mar-22
BPS-Article-241World has installed 1TW of solar capacityCourtesy of John Fitzgerald Weaver (PV Magazine31-Mar-22
BPS-Article-240A 100 percent clean power sector by 2035? Only if we clear the path for storageCourtesy of Paolo Romanacci (GreenBiz)31-Mar-22
BPS-Article-239MG Plans To Sell Mini EV In Global Markets, Starting With IndiaCourtesy of Steve Hanley (CleanTechnica)31-Mar-22
BPS-Article-238The Darker Side Of The EV RevolutionCourtesy of cleantechnica.com21-Feb-22
BPS-Article-237Rollable CIGS solar modules from FranceCourtesy of pv-magazine.com22-Feb-22
BPS-Article-236Philippines’ largest battery comes online at 120MW solar parkCourtesy of pv-magazine.com22-Feb-22
BPS-Article-235LG exits solar module businessCourtesy of pv-magazine.com23-Feb-22
BPS-Article-234New floating PV mounting structure from AustriaCourtesy of pv-magazine.com23-Feb-22
BPS-Article-233A system that combines solar energy and a chemical reactor to get more from biomass has been designedCourtesy of biofueldaily.com11-Dec-21
BPS-Article-232Best fire safety practices for rooftop PV systemsCourtesy of pv-magazine.com20-Jan-22
BPS-Article-231DNV publishes world’s first standard for floating solar projectsCourtesy of powerengineeringint.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-230Floating PV mounting structure for harsh climatic conditionsCourtesy of pv-magazine.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-229Building out renewables in India could cost $26.5b through 2030, report saysCourtesy of renewableenergyworld.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-228Energy justice and local solar go hand-in-handCourtesy of renewableenergyworld.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-227Non-technical factors influencing market acceptance for solar heat pumpsCourtesy of pv-magazine.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-226The Hydrogen Stream: Electrolyzer ramping from 0 to 50,000 amperes in less than 10 secondsCourtesy of pv-magazine.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-225Octillion Ships 1,500 Battery Packs Per Day Globally, Reducing C02 Emissions by Almost 1.5M Metric TonsCourtesy of altenergymag.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-224Denver vehicle-to-building pilot yields net benefitsCourtesy of renewableenergyworld.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-223Apex Clean Energy, Weyerhaeuser Team Up to Develop Solar ProjectsCourtesy of solarindustrymag.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-222California Utilities Enlist Swell Energy to Expand Virtual Power PlantsCourtesy of solarindustrymag.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-221How People Get Into The Home Solar Power Funnel In USA? What Stops Solar Adoption That’s In Progress?Courtesy of cleantechnica.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-220Ford Ends F-150 Lightning Reservations, Says It Needs More BatteriesCourtesy of cleantechnica.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-219Volkswagen Ramps Up Its Electric Car StrategyCourtesy of cleantechnica.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-218Tesla China Sold ~53,000 Made-In-China Vehicles In November, Crushing Claims Of Dropping DemandCourtesy of cleantechnica.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-217The Costs Of Installing A Home Charger For Your TeslaCourtesy of cleantechnica.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-216Former Bosch Executive Joins Zinc Battery Developer Enzinc’s Senior Advisory TeamCourtesy of altenergymag.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-215Netherlands Reaches 28% BEV Share In November!Courtesy of cleantechnica.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-214NYC Is Planning To Buy Over $12 Million Worth Of Tesla Model 3sCourtesy of cleantechnica.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-213Nebraska Just Voted To Go 100% Clean Electricity … By 2050Courtesy of cleantechnica.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-212New Projects Move Thermophotovoltaic Technology Closer to CommercializationCourtesy of cleantechnica.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-211FPL’s Holiday Surprise: $810 Million Bill Increase for Families to Pay for Fossil GasCourtesy of cleanenergy.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-210Why Equity Must Be Central to Transportation ElectrificationCourtesy of cleanenergy.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-209Florida’s Electric Vehicle Market is Ready for Lift OffCourtesy of cleanenergy.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-208Machine Learning Could Speed Up Search For New Battery MaterialsCourtesy of cleantechnica.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-207ANZU: Taking Chargers From Hard-To-Find Novelties To Ubiquitous Infrastructure In OzCourtesy of cleantechnica.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-206The weekend read: Solar PV development disruptedCourtesy of pv-magazine.com10-Dec-21
BPS-Article-205'Nobody's dump': Lithium mine stirs unrest in SerbiaCourtesy of energy-daily.com11-Dec-21
BPS-Article-204Stretchy, washable battery brings wearable devices closer to realityCourtesy of energy-daily.com11-Dec-21
BPS-Article-203Rapid rise of decarbonization potentials of rooftop PV plus EVs in residential housesCourtesy of solardaily.com11-Dec-21
BPS-Article-202A tool to speed development of new solar cellsCourtesy of solardaily.com11-Dec-21
BPS-Article-200DNV publishes world’s first standard for floating solar projectsCourtesy of powerengineeringint.com21-Jun-20
BPS-Article-199New NIST smart grid framework releasedCourtesy of Smart Energy 21-Jun-20
BPS-Article-198Are you ready for synchrophasor data at the edge?Courtesy of Smart Energy 21-Jun-20
BPS-Article-197DOPING TRICK REMOVES HURDLE FOR NEXT-GEN SOLAR CELLSCourtesy of futurity.org | Karl Greenberg-NYU21-Jun-20
BPS-Article-196Rooftop solar produces clean energy but most panels end up in landfill despite being recyclableCourtesy of abc.net.au | Rosie King21-Jun-20
BPS-Article-195PV modules degrade less in Nordic climatesCourtesy of Emiliano Bellini (PV-Magazine)21-Jun-20
BPS-Article-194Engineers are working on wireless charging for electric vehiclesCourtesy of createdigital.org.au | Elle Hardy21-Jun-20
BPS-Article-193Our future energy grid needs engineering solutions, not finger pointing, says expertCourtesy of createdigital.org.au | Nadine Cranenburgh21-Jun-20
BPS-Article-192Enphase iQ7 Microinverter and SolarEdge Power OptimizersCourtesy of greenpowerenergy.com21-Jun-20
BPS-Article-191Zinc aims to beat lithium batteries at storing energyCourtesy of Science.sciencemag.org21-Jun-20
BPS-Article-190Batteries boom in Australia as renewable investments declineCourtesy of Natalie Filatoff (PV-Magazine)21-Jun-20
BPS-Article-189Solar ProductsCourtesy of artsignenergy.com21-Jun-20
BPS-Article-188Sunny superpower: solar cells close in on 50% efficiencyCourtesy of physicsworld.com22-May-20
BPS-Article-187Understanding The Environmental Pros and Cons of Fuel Cell TechnologyCourtesy of fuelcellsworks.com 22-May-20
BPS-Article-186Powering the Energy Transition With Better Long-Duration Power StorageCourtesy of Leda Zimmerman | www.scitechdaily.com22-May-20
BPS-Article-185Check out these robots made specifically for the solar industryCourtesy of Kelly Pickerel | www.solarpowerworldonline.com22-May-20
BPS-Article-184“Massless” battery breakthrough promises to help electric planes take offCourtesy of Sophie Vorrath | reweconomy.com22-May-20
BPS-Article-183The weekend read: Enhanced solar module appearance and power outputCourtesy of Jonathan Gifford | PV-Magazine22-May-20
BPS-Article-182Dead Power Grid Revived with Solar and Wind, Not DieselCourtesy of www.scientificamerican.com22-May-20
BPS-Article-181Long-duration storage: multitude of solutions set to step up to the plateCourtesy of Molly Lempriere | www.energy-storage.news22-May-20
BPS-Article-180Airports Could Generate Enough Solar Energy to Power a CityCourtesy of scitechdaily.com22-May-20
BPS-Article-179Bladeless, wobbling wind turbines to begin tests in EuropeCourtesy of Sophie Vorrath | reweconomy.com22-May-20
BPS-Article-178Energy storage technology is accelerating – but grids aren’t ready for the transitionCourtesy of theconversation.com22-May-20
BPS-Article-177Minute to design it: Solar design apps save time creating proposals for ownersCourtesy of John Fitzgerald Weaver | PV Magazine22-May-20
BPS-Article-176Rio Tinto to power mine with solar thermal technology backed by Bill GatesCourtesy of James Fernyhough | Reneweconomy.com.au22-May-20
BPS-Article-175Cost comparison between agrivoltaics and ground-mounted PVCopurtesy of Emiliano Bellini | PV Magazine22-May-20
BPS-Article-174Why artificial intelligence is key to renewable energy grid resilienceCourtest of www.weforum.org22-May-20
BPS-Article-173Modeling shows the true cost of heat on PV system performanceCourtesy of Techxplore.com | King Abdullah University of Science and Technology29-Mar-20
BPS-Article-172Singapore Builds Floating Solar Farms to Tackle Climate CrisisCourtesy of interestingengineering.com | Chris Young29-Mar-20
BPS-Article-171Innovations in floating wind technologies key to futher cost reductionsCourtesy of Windeurope.org29-Mar-20
BPS-Article-170III-V multi-junction solar cell with 39% efficiencyCourtesy of PV-Magazine | Emiliano Bellini29-Mar-20
BPS-Article-169Turning waste heat from solar panels into a water distillation processCourtesy of advancedsciencenews.com | Martin Grolms29-Mar-20
BPS-Article-168Shell Bets on Batteries for Ultra-Fast EV ChargingCourtesy of greentechmedia.com | John Parnell29-Mar-20
BPS-Article-167Tips for maximizing the effectiveness of solar energyCourtesy of Greenbrilliance.com 29-Mar-20
BPS-Article-166New optical coating could extend lifetimes of solar cellsCourtesy of PV-Magazine | Joe Bebon29-Mar-20
BPS-Article-165Solar panels can't stand the heatCourtesy of electronicsonline.net.au 29-Mar-20
BPS-Article-164How to maintain your solar panel systemCourtesy of Choice.com.au | Grace Smith29-Mar-20
BPS-Article-163USING PHASE CHANGE MATERIALS FOR ENERGY STORAGECourtesy of hackaday.com | Lewin Day29-Mar-20
BPS-Article-162All about all-black solar panelsCourtesy of Solar Power World | Kelly Pickerel29-Mar-20
BPS-Article-161Batteries poised to reap rewards of renewable energy transition, says reportCourtesy of Renew Economy | Sophie Vorrath29-Mar-20
BPS-Article-160New Catalyst Promises Lighter, Cheaper, Higher-Capacity, Next-Generation Rechargeable BatteriesCourtesy of scitechdaily.com | Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology29-Mar-20
BPS-Article-159New solar inverter standard rushed through, as AEMO pushes for tighter controlsCourtesy of reneweconomy.com | Sophie Vorrath5-Mar-21
BPS-Article-158Making Hydrogen Energy with the Common NickelCourtesy of fuelcellsworks.com 5-Mar-21
BPS-Article-157Smart grid - AI at the service of the power distribution networkCourtesy of naturaily.com | Marcin Sulikowski5-Mar-21
BPS-Article-156AI is the new electricityCourtesy of smart-energy.com5-Mar-21
BPS-Article-155AI, energy storage and the electrification of transportCourtesy of smart-energy.com5-Mar-21
BPS-Article-154Residential Batteries for Solar Power Benefit Owners and GridCourtesy of miragenews.com5-Mar-21
BPS-Article-153Next-Generation Hybrid Photovoltaic-Thermal Solar Technology Efficiency LimitsCourtesy of scitechdaily.com | Light Publishing Center5-Mar-21
BPS-Article-152Novel catalyst produces green hydrogen from seawater via solarCourtesy of Blake Matich (PV-Magazine)5-Mar-21
BPS-Article-151Researchers take steps towards a new energy storage deviceCourtesy of slashgear.com | Shane McGlaun5-Mar-21
BPS-Article-150Improving PV panel performance with luminescent solar concentratorsCourtesy of EMILIANO BELLINI (PV-Magazine)5-Mar-21
BPS-Article-149Gina Rinehart’s iron ore mine to build 30MW solar farm to cut emissionsCourtesy of reneweconomy.com.au | Giles Parkinson5-Mar-21
BPS-Article-148China’s CATL reportedly promises solid state battery with high energy densityCourtesy of Joshua S Hill of thedriven.io5-Mar-21
BPS-Article-147Active self-cleaning tech for PV modulesCourtesy of EMILIANO BELLINI (PV-Magazine)5-Mar-21
BPS-Article-146Active self-cleaning tech for PV modulesCourtesy of pv-magazine.com | Emiliano Bellini11-Feb-21
BPS-Article-145China’s CATL reportedly promises solid state battery with high energy densityCourtesy of thedriven.io | Joshua S.Hill11-Feb-21
BPS-Article-144Gina Rinehart’s iron ore mine to build 30MW solar farm to cut emissionsCourtesy of reneweconomy.com.au | Giles Parkinson11-Feb-21
BPS-Article-143Improving PV panel performance with luminescent solar concentratorsCourtesy of pv-magazine.com | Emiliano Bellini11-Feb-21
BPS-Article-142Researchers take steps towards a new energy storage deviceCourtesy of slashgear.com | Shane McGlaun11-Feb-21
BPS-Article-141Novel catalyst produces green hydrogen from seawater via solarCourtesy of pv-magazine.com | Blake Matich11-Feb-21
BPS-Article-140Next-Generation Hybrid Photovoltaic-Thermal Solar Technology Efficiency LimitsCourtesy of scitechdaily.com | Light Publishing Center11-Feb-21
BPS-Article-139Residential Batteries for Solar Power Benefit Owners and GridCourtesy of miragenews.com11-Feb-21
BPS-Article-138AI, energy storage and the electrification of transportCourtesy of smart-energy.com 11-Feb-21
BPS-Article-137AI is the new electricityCourtesy of smart-energy.com | Ravi Mahendra11-Feb-21
BPS-Article-136Smart grid - AI at the service of the power distribution networkCourtesy of naturaily.com | Marcin Sulikowski11-Feb-21
BPS-Article-135Making Hydrogen Energy with the Common NickelCourtesy of fuelcellsworks.com 11-Feb-21
BPS-Article-134New solar inverter standard rushed through, as AEMO pushes for tighter controlsCourtesy of reneweconomy.com.au | Sophie Vorrath11-Feb-21
BPS-Article-133Silicon-carbide inverter for medium-voltage gridsCourtesy of EMILIANO BELLINI (PV-Magazine)4-Feb-21
BPS-Article-132Researchers Claim Redox Flow Battery Breakthrough Will Cost $25 Per kWh Or LessCourtesy of Steve Hanley Cleantechnica.com4-Feb-21
BPS-Article-131Boosting the efficiency of carbon capture and conversion systemsCourtesy of David L.Chandler Phys.org4-Feb-21
BPS-Article-130The impact of solar spectra on PV module performanceCourtesy of EMILIANO BELLINI (PV-Magazine)4-Feb-21
BPS-Article-129Anode-Free Zinc Battery Could Someday Provide Large Scale Storage of Renewable EnergyCourtesy of American Chemical Society4-Feb-21
BPS-Article-128Major milestone for world’s biggest solar projectCourtesy of David Carroll (PV-Magazine)4-Feb-21
BPS-Article-127Has this woman just invented the rocket that will take us to Mars?Courtesy of News sky.com4-Feb-21
BPS-Article-126BATTERY BREAKTHROUGH COULD MAKE CHARGING CARS AS QUICK AS FILLING UP WITH FUELCourtesy of Anthony Cuthbertson (Independent.co.uk)26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-125Green ammonia breakthrough a potential boon for solar-powered exportsCourtesy of Blake Matich (PV Magazine)26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-124How falling costs will secure solar’s dominance in powerCourtesy of Ravi Manghani (Woodmac.com)26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-123Solar power now cheapest way to add electricity in many markets - and getting cheaperCourtesy of Ravi Manghani (Woodmac.com)26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-122How Hydrogen Could Power The Ultimate BatteryCourtesy of Irina Slav oilprice.com26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-121Electric car batteries with 5-minute charging times producedCourtesy of Damian Carrington (grist.org)26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-120Floating Solar: Can Solar Farms Thrive on waterCourtesy of Casey McDevitt (solstice.us)26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-119How to incorporate floating batteries into a grounded solar arrayCourtesy of Hanan Fishman (Alencon Systems)26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-118Biomimicked Floating SolarCourtesy of Benjamin Roussey (cleanenergyauthority.com)26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-117The case for floating PV on hydroelectric facilitiescourtesy of UMA GUPTA (PV Magazine)26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-116The Miraculous Material Transforming Energy StorageCourtesy of Tsvetana Paraskova - Oil Price26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-115Inside the world’s largest dam-based floating solar power projectCoutrtesy of Heidi Vella (power-technology.com)26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-114How Inexpensive Must Energy Storage Be for Utilities to Switch to 100 Percent Renewables?Courtesy of Prachi Patel (spectrum.ieee.org)26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-113Lowering Associated Costs: Key to Breaking Barriers and Improving Solar ViabilityCourtesy of Aerospec.us 26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-112Renewables cheaper than fossil fuel plants by 2030Courtesy of Max Hall (PV Magazine)26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-111Solar Closing in on "Practical" Hydrogen ProductionCourtesy of Mark Anderson (Spectrum.ieee.org)26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-110This Solar Panel Just Set a World Record for EfficiencyCourtesy of Caroline Delbert (Popularmechanics.com)26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-109A 19.5% efficient solar tile with five-busbar technologyCourtesy of EMILIANO BELLINI (PV-Magazine)26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-108Offshore hydrogen production powered by floating PVCourtesy of Pilar Sanchez Molina (PV-Magazine)26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-107Germanium-based solar cell tech for agrivoltaicsCourtesy of EMILIANO BELLINI (PV-Magazine)26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-106Miner Gets Closer to Producing ‘Green’ Lithium for EV BatteriesCourtesy of bloomberg.com26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-105New mounting system to integrate small PV into wind farmsCourtesy of Sandra Enkhardt26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-104Ultimate Guide: How Do Solar Panels Work?Courtesy of solarimon 26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-103In boost for renewables, grid-scale battery storage is on the riseCourtesy of Cheryl Katz26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-102The possibilities of hydrogen fuel cellsCourtesy of EM Magazine 26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-101‘There is no clear best module configuration under partial shading’Courtesy of EM Magazine 26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-100At 300MW / 1,200MWh, the world’s largest battery storage system so far is up and runningCourtesy of Energy-storage.news26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-099Supercapacitors Challenge Batteries: Powerful Graphene Hybrid Material for Highly Efficient Energy StorageCourtesy of Technical University of Munich26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-098Agrivoltaics prevail in France’s tender for innovative PV technologiesCourtesy of Joel Spaes (PV-Magazine)26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-097Invisible Solar Panels: How Tomorrow’s Windows Will Generate ElectricityCourtesy of Incheon National University26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-096Manufacturers call for module size standardizationCourtesy of Tim Sylvia (PV-Magazine)26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-095Gravity Energy Storage Will Show Its Potential in 2021Courtesy of Samuel K.Moore (spectrum.ieee.org)26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-094Norway becomes first country to sell more electric cars than petrol vehiclesCourtesy of Bethany Dawson (Independent.co.uk)26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-093The geopolitical impact of hydrogenCourtesy of EMILIANO BELLINI (PV-Magazine)26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-092JinkoSolar claims 24.9% efficiency for n-type monocrystalline cellCourtesy of EMILIANO BELLINI (PV-Magazine)26-Jan-21
BPS-Article-091What is renewable energy?Courtesy of Sarah Wild - Live Science Contributor8-Jan-21
BPS-Article-090The 10 Ways Renewable Energy’s Boom Year Will Shape 2021Courtesy of Brian Eckhouse, Will Mathis, and Dan Murtaugh8-Jan-21
BPS-Article-089IOTA-Powered Smart Grid InfrastructureCourtesy of https://blog.iota.org/iota-powered-smart-grid-infrastructure/8-Jan-21
BPS-Article-088How Energy Storage WorksCourtesy of By Union of Concerned Scientists (https://www.energytoday.net)8-Jan-21
BPS-Article-087Long-term assessment of PV panel degradation under hot, humid tropical climatesCourtesy of EMILIANO BELLINI (PV-Magazine)8-Jan-21
BPS-Article-086‘Largest’ battery storage facility to power luxury hotel resort in Saudi ArabiaCourtesy of By E&T editorial staff8-Jan-21
BPS-Article-085New approach for convective solar module coolingCourtesy of EMILIANO BELLINI (PV-Magazine)8-Jan-21
BPS-Article-084IEA: Wind and solar capacity will overtake both gas and coal globally by 2024Courtesy of JOSH GABBATISS of carbonbrief.org8-Jan-21
BPS-Article-083Radiative cooling boosts solar cell voltage by as much as 25%Courtesy of Michael Allen of physicsworld.com8-Jan-21
BPS-Article-082Open-source method to build flexible floating PV systemsCourtesy of EMILIANO BELLINI (PV-Magazine)7-Dec-20
BPS-Article-081Value of energy storage lies in increased renewables and capacity deferralsCourtesy of Joshua S Hill - Renew Economy7-Dec-20
BPS-Article-080UK Warning Highlights Energy Storage Importance To RenewablesCourtesy of Tsvetana Paraskova - Oil Price7-Dec-20
BPS-Article-079Dual-ion battery prototype promises safe and cost-competive energy storageCourtesy of Mark Hutchins (PV-Magazine)7-Dec-20
BPS-Article-078How temperature affects tandem solar cell performanceCourtesy of EMILIANO BELLINI (PV-Magazine)7-Dec-20
BPS-Article-077Corporate funding for battery storage up 75%Courtesy of Marian Willuhn - PV Magazine7-Dec-20
BPS-Article-076The long read: Explosion of cell and module technologyCourtesy of Christrian Roselund (PV-Magazine-India)12-Nov-20
BPS-Article-075Over-irradiance events affect utility scale PV componentsCourtesy of EMILIANO BELLINI (PV-Magazine)12-Nov-20
BPS-Article-074Two key numbers that make battery storage better bet than gas peakersgCourtesy of Giles Parkinson of RenewEconomy12-Nov-20
BPS-Article-073Engineering a battery fast enough to make recharging like refuelingCourtesy of John timmer - Ars Technica12-Nov-20
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BPS-Article-032Scientists set new solar power efficiency record at almost 50 per centCourtesy of Michael Mazengarb of RenewEconomy13-May-20
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BPS-Article-012Total to build 800MW solar plant for Qatar World Cup at "world lowest" priceCourtesy of Joshua S Hill of RenewEconomy22-Jan-20
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Cyber-Risk Articles

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BPC-CR-325Dridex Malware Deploying Entropy Ransomware on Hacked Computersthehackernews.com23-Feb-22
BPC-CR-324Creaky Old WannaCry, GandCrab Top the Ransomware Scenethreatpost.com23-Feb-22
BPC-CR-323Microsoft updates security applications for multicloud environmentswww.csoonline.com23-Feb-22
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BPC-CR-321Why Passwordless Is at an Impassewww.darkreading.com23-Feb-22
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BPC-CR-318Company offers $5m ransomware warranty for storing data on Microsoft Azure Cloudwww.cybersecurity-insiders.com23-Feb-22
BPC-CR-317Microsoft Debuts Unified Service for Multicloud ID Managementwww.darkreading.com23-Feb-22
BPC-CR-316Apple AirTag anti-stalking protection bypassed by researchersnakedsecurity.sophos.com23-Feb-22
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BPC-CR-312What Does Least Privilege Access Mean for Cloud Security?www.darkreading.com23-Feb-22
BPC-CR-311Samsung Shattered Encryption on 100M Phonesthreatpost.com23-Feb-22
BPC-CR-310New Data-Wiping Malware Discovered on Systems in Ukrainewww.darkreading.com23-Feb-22
BPC-CR-309Third-party breach hits NHS. Data exposed in children's fashion retailer's AWS S3 bucket. Third-party breach at OKCPD exposed data of sexual assault victims.thecyberwire.com23-Feb-22
BPC-CR-308Automakers Need to Lock Their Doors Against Ransomwarewww.darkreading.com23-Feb-22
BPC-CR-307Cloud Storage Leaks Grew by 150% in 2021, New CybelAngel Report Revealswww.darkreading.com23-Feb-22
BPC-CR-306Cyberattack Hits Ukrainian Government, Banking Websiteswww.govinfosecurity.com23-Feb-22
BPC-CR-305Automotive cybersecurity industry to reach $32.41 billion by 2030www.helpnetsecurity.com23-Feb-22
BPC-CR-304How costly is an insider threat?www.helpnetsecurity.com31-Jan-22
BPC-CR-303Why vulnerability scanners aren’t enough to prevent a ransomware attack on your businesswww.helpnetsecurity.com31-Jan-22
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BPC-CR-301Apple fixes Safari data leak (and patches a zero-day!)nakedsecurity.sophos.com31-Jan-22
BPC-CR-3002FA App Loaded with Banking Trojan Infests 10K Victims via Google Playthreatpost.com31-Jan-22
BPC-CR-299Cyberattacks on Squid Game Minecraft Tourney Take Down Andorra’s Internetthreatpost.com31-Jan-22
BPC-CR-298Log4j Proved Public Disclosure Still Helps Attackerswww.darkreading.com31-Jan-22
BPC-CR-2975 warning signs your identity has been stolenwww.welivesecurity.com31-Jan-22
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BPC-CR-093Ransomware Attacks Hit Major UtilitiesCourtesy of threatpost.com | Tara Seals10-Feb-21
BPC-CR-092Unpatched WordPress Plugin Code-Injection Bug Afflicts 50K SitesCourtesy of threatpost.com | Tara Seals10-Feb-21
BPC-CR-091Fake Forcepoint Google Chrome Extension Hacks Windows UsersCourtesy of threatpost.com | Tara Seals10-Feb-21
BPC-CR-090Critical WordPress Plugin Flaw Allows Site TakeoverCourtesy of threatpost.com | Lindsey O'Donnell10-Feb-21
BPC-CR-089Billions of Passwords Offered for $2 in Cyber-UndergroundCourtesy of threatpost.com | Tara Seals10-Feb-21
BPC-CR-088Google Play Boots Barcode Scanner App After Ad ExplosionCourtesy of threatpost.com | Becky Bracken10-Feb-21
BPC-CR-087Actively Exploited Windows Kernel EoP Bug Allows TakeoverCourtesy of threatpost.com | Tara Seals10-Feb-21
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BPC-CR-085Beware of technical “experts” bombarding you with bug reportsCourtesy of nakedsecurity.sophos.com10-Feb-21
BPC-CR-084Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter Target Resellers of Hacked AccountsCourtesy of Krebsonsecurity.com10-Feb-21
BPC-CR-083Adobe Patches Reader Vulnerability Exploited in the WildCourtesy of Securityweek.com | Eduard Kovacs4-Feb-21
BPC-CR-082BEC Scammers Take Advantage of "Out-of-Office" Microsoft 365 UsersCourtesy of Graham Cluley bitdefender.com4-Feb-21
BPC-CR-081Hackers could live-stream your home through your LifeShield security cameraCourtesy of Graham Cluley bitdefender.com4-Feb-21
BPC-CR-080NCSC Warns of China’s Efforts to Collect US DNA DataCourtesy of Marianne kolbasuk McGee4-Feb-21
BPC-CR-079China Tied to Separate SolarWinds Espionage Campaigncourtesy of Mathew J Schwartz (govinfosecurity.com)4-Feb-21
BPC-CR-078Ransomware Newcomers Include Pay2Key, RansomEXX, Everestcourtesy of Mathew J Schwartz (govinfosecurity.com)4-Feb-21
BPC-CR-077Emotet: Police raids take down botnet that hacked 'millions of computers worldwide'Courtesy of news sky4-Feb-21
BPC-CR-076When cryptographers looked at iOS and Android security, they weren’t happyCourtesy of Evan Schuman the zen mof mobile4-Feb-21
BPC-CR-075Agent Tesla Trojan ‘Kneecaps’ Microsoft’s Anti-Malware InterfaceCourtesy of Lindsey O'Donnell4-Feb-21
BPC-CR-074Does Your Contact Tracing App Track Your Location?Courtesy of binaryblogger.com4-Feb-21
BPC-CR-073Mozilla will roll out its VPN service in Germany and France in Q1 2021Courtesy of Virtualattacks.com4-Feb-21
BPC-CR-072Kobalos malware is targeting supercomputers worldwideCourtesy of Virtualattacks.com4-Feb-21
BPC-CR-071Ransom payments are declining as many victims decide not to payCourtesy of Virtualattacks.com4-Feb-21
BPC-CR-070Google Chrome blocks eight ports against new NAT Slipstreaming attackCourtesy of Virtualattacks.com4-Feb-21
BPC-CR-069Hacker leaks data of MeetMindful dating siteCourtesy of Virtualattacks.com4-Feb-21
BPC-CR-068SonicWall firewall maker hacked Via Zero-Day Flaw in its productsCourtesy of Virtualattacks.com4-Feb-21
BPC-CR-067DNSpooq allows attackers to poison DNS cache recordsCourtesy of Virtualattacks.com4-Feb-21
BPC-CR-066The fourth type of malware discovered in the SolarWind HackCourtesy of Virtualattacks.com4-Feb-21
BPC-CR-065Instagram Bug : Passwords are in Plain TextCourtesy of Hackerritz.blogspot.com4-Feb-21
BPC-CR-064Hackers Reveal How Code Injection Attack Works in Signal Messaging AppCourtesy of Hackerritz.blogspot.com4-Feb-21
BPC-CR-063Hackers Can Steal All Your Passwords Through The Pre-Installed Password Manager On Windows 10Courtesy of Hackerritz.blogspot.com4-Feb-21
BPC-CR-062A new software supply-chain attack targeted users with spywareCourtesy of Cybersafe.com4-Feb-21
BPC-CR-061New Year, New Ransomware: Babuk Locker Targets Large CorporationsCourtesy of Lindsey O'Donnell26-Jan-21
BPC-CR-060Hackers are using DDoS attacks to squeeze victims for ransomCourtesy of Anthony Spadafora (techradar.com)26-Jan-21
BPC-CR-059Emotet Tops Malware Charts in December After RebootCourtesy of Phil Muncaster (infosecuirty-magazine.com26-Jan-21
BPC-CR-058Malicious Software Infrastructure Easier to Get and Deploy Than EverCourtesy of Becky Bracken threatpost.com26-Jan-21
BPC-CR-057Ransomware Gangs Scavenge for Sensitive Data by Targeting Top ExecutivesCourtesy of Graham Cluley tripwire.com26-Jan-21
BPC-CR-056Free decrypter released for victims of Darkside ransomwareCourtesy of Catalin Cimpanu for Zero day Zdnet.com26-Jan-21
BPC-CR-055Third malware strain discovered in SolarWinds supply chain attackCourtesy of Catalin Cimpanu for Zero day Zdnet.com26-Jan-21
BPC-CR-054Sunspot malware scoured servers for SolarWinds builds that it could weaponizeCoutrtesy of Bradley Barth scmagazine.com26-Jan-21
BPC-CR-053AI set to replace humans in cybersecurity by 2030, says Trend Micro surveyCourtesy of Eileen Brown for Social Business (zdnet.com)26-Jan-21
BPC-CR-052Sophisticated Hacks Against Android, Windows Reveal Zero-Day TroveCourtesy of Elizabeth Montalbano26-Jan-21
BPC-CR-051How to Detect Supply Chain AttacksCourtesy of Threat research (blog.reversinglabs.com)26-Jan-21
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BPC-CR-048SolarWinds Malware Arsenal Widens with RaindropCourtesy of Tara Seals (threatpost.com)26-Jan-21
BPC-CR-047Raindrop: New Malware Discovered in SolarWinds InvestigationCourtesy of threat Hunter Team Symantec26-Jan-21
BPC-CR-046FireEye releases tool for auditing networks for techniques used by SolarWinds hackersCourtesy of Catalin Cimpanu for Zero day Zdnet.com26-Jan-21
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BPC-CR-042How to check if you've been hackedCourtesy of David Nield (articles from MSN News)8-Jan-21
BPC-CR-041Windows 7 End of LifeAuthor Haji Aman of Berakas Power Company8-Jan-21
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BPC-CR-039Hacker leaks passwords for more than 500,000 servers, routers, and IoT devicesCourtesy of Catalin Cimpanu of ZDNet (Security Reporter)12-Nov-20
BPC-CR-038Hackers taking advantage of coronavirus scare to spread malwareCourtesy of Aaron Mammit of Digital Trends12-Nov-20
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