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Technology Articles

BPS Article IDArticle SubjectCourtesy of / Taken fromUploaded Date
BPS-Article-232Best fire safety practices for rooftop PV systemsCourtesy of Emiliano Bellini (
BPS-Article-231DNV publishes world’s first standard for floating solar projectsCourtesy of Nicholasnhede (Power Engineering International)10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-230Floating PV mounting structure for harsh climatic conditionsCourtesy of pv-magazine.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-229Building out renewables in India could cost $26.5b through 2030, report saysCourtesy of renewableenergyworld.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-228Energy justice and local solar go hand-in-handCourtesy of renewableenergyworld.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-227Non-technical factors influencing market acceptance for solar heat pumpsCourtesy of pv-magazine.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-226The Hydrogen Stream: Electrolyzer ramping from 0 to 50,000 amperes in less than 10 secondsCourtesy of pv-magazine.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-225Octillion Ships 1,500 Battery Packs Per Day Globally, Reducing C02 Emissions by Almost 1.5M Metric TonsCourtesy of altenergymag.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-224Denver vehicle-to-building pilot yields net benefitsCourtesy of renewableenergyworld.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-223Apex Clean Energy, Weyerhaeuser Team Up to Develop Solar ProjectsCourtesy of solarindustrymag.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-222California Utilities Enlist Swell Energy to Expand Virtual Power PlantsCourtesy of solarindustrymag.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-221How People Get Into The Home Solar Power Funnel In USA? What Stops Solar Adoption That's In Progress?Courtesy of cleantechnica.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-220Ford Ends F-150 Lightning Reservations, Says It Needs More BatteriesCourtesy of cleantechnica.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-219Volkswagen Ramps Up Its Electric Car StrategyCourtesy of cleantechnica.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-218Tesla China Sold ~53,000 Made-In-China Vehicles In November, Crushing Claims Of Dropping DemandCourtesy of cleantechnica.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-217The Costs Of Installing A Home Charger For Your TeslaCourtesy of cleantechnica.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-216Former Bosch Executive Joins Zinc Battery Developer Enzinc’s Senior Advisory TeamCourtesy of altenergymag.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-215Netherlands Reaches 28% BEV Share In November!Courtesy of cleantechnica.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-214NYC Is Planning To Buy Over $12 Million Worth Of Tesla Model 3sCourtesy of cleantechnica.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-213Nebraska Just Voted To Go 100% Clean Electricity … By 2050Courtesy of cleantechnica.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-212New Projects Move Thermophotovoltaic Technology Closer to CommercializationCourtesy of cleantechnica.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-211FPL’s Holiday Surprise: $810 Million Bill Increase for Families to Pay for Fossil GasCourtesy of cleanenergy.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-210Why Equity Must Be Central to Transportation ElectrificationCourtesy of cleanenergy.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-209Florida’s Electric Vehicle Market is Ready for Lift OffCourtesy of cleanenergy.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-208Machine Learning Could Speed Up Search For New Battery MaterialsCourtesy of cleantechnica.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-207ANZU: Taking Chargers From Hard-To-Find Novelties To Ubiquitous Infrastructure In OzCourtesy of cleantechnica.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-206The weekend read: Solar PV development disruptedCourtesy of pv-magazine.com10/Dec/21
BPS-Article-205'Nobody's dump': Lithium mine stirs unrest in SerbiaCourtesy of energy-daily.com11/Dec/21
BPS-Article-204Stretchy, washable battery brings wearable devices closer to realityCourtesy of energy-daily.com11/Dec/21
BPS-Article-203Rapid rise of decarbonization potentials of rooftop PV plus EVs in residential housesCourtesy of solardaily.com11/Dec/21
BPS-Article-202A tool to speed development of new solar cellsCourtesy of solardaily.com11/Dec/21
BPS-Article-201A system that combines solar energy and a chemical reactor to get more from biomass has been designedCourtesy of biofueldaily.com11/Dec/21
BPS-Article-200DNV publishes world’s first standard for floating solar projectsCourtesy of powerengineeringint.com21/Jun/2020
BPS-Article-199New NIST smart grid framework releasedCourtesy of Smart Energy21/Jun/2020
BPS-Article-198Are you ready for synchrophasor data at the edge?Courtesy of Smart Energy21/Jun/2020
BPS-Article-197DOPING TRICK REMOVES HURDLE FOR NEXT-GEN SOLAR CELLSCourtesy of | Karl Greenberg-NYU21/Jun/2020
BPS-Article-196Rooftop solar produces clean energy but most panels end up in landfill despite being recyclableCourtesy of | Rosie King21/Jun/2020
BPS-Article-195PV modules degrade less in Nordic climatesCourtesy of Emiliano Bellini (PV-Magazine)21/Jun/2020
BPS-Article-194Engineers are working on wireless charging for electric vehiclesCourtesy of | Elle Hardy21/Jun/2020
BPS-Article-193Our future energy grid needs engineering solutions, not finger pointing, says expertCourtesy of | Nadine Cranenburgh21/Jun/2020
BPS-Article-192Enphase iQ7 Microinverter and SolarEdge Power OptimizersCourtesy of greenpowerenergy.com21/Jun/2020
BPS-Article-191Zinc aims to beat lithium batteries at storing energyCourtesy of Science.sciencemag.org21/Jun/2020
BPS-Article-190Batteries boom in Australia as renewable investments declineCourtesy of Natalie Filatoff (PV-Magazine)21/Jun/2020
BPS-Article-189Solar ProductsCourtesy of artsignenergy.com21/Jun/2020
BPS-Article-188Sunny superpower: solar cells close in on 50% efficiencyCourtesy of physicsworld.com22/May/2020
BPS-Article-187Understanding The Environmental Pros and Cons of Fuel Cell TechnologyCourtesy of fuelcellsworks.com22/May/2020
BPS-Article-186Powering the Energy Transition With Better Long-Duration Power StorageCourtesy of Leda Zimmerman | www.scitechdaily.com22/May/2020
BPS-Article-185Check out these robots made specifically for the solar industryCourtesy of Kelly Pickerel | www.solarpowerworldonline.com22/May/2020
BPS-Article-184“Massless” battery breakthrough promises to help electric planes take offCourtesy of Sophie Vorrath | reweconomy.com22/May/2020
BPS-Article-183The weekend read: Enhanced solar module appearance and power outputCourtesy of Jonathan Gifford | PV-Magazine22/May/2020

Cyber-Risk Articles

BPS Article IDArticle SubjectCourtesy of / Taken fromUploaded Date
BPC-CR-294Mirai Based Botnet Moobot Exploit Hikvision VulnerabilityCourtesy of gbhackers.com11/Dec/21
BPC-CR-293When Did Cybersecurity Start?Courtesy of cyberguards.com11/Dec/21
BPC-CR-292When is Cyber Security Awareness Month?Courtesy of cyberguards.com11/Dec/21
BPC-CR-291FIN7 repositioning focus into ransomware.Courtesy of thecyberwire.com11/Dec/21
BPC-CR-290The CISO Playbook: Storage & Backup Security EditionCourtesy of cisomag.eccouncil.org10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-289What to Do While Waiting for the Log4J UpdatesCourtesy of darkreading.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-288Chinese cyberespionage for the Belt and Road Initiative. NSO Group's software used to target US personnel. Microsoft seizes Chinese threat actor's domains.Courtesy of thecyberwire.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-287December 2021: Cyber Deception Month Continues…Halting Holiday Hackers…Courtesy of cyberdefensemagazine.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-286Extremely Critical Log4J Vulnerability Leaves Much of the Internet at RiskCourtesy of yhehackernews.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-285Extremely Critical Log4J Vulnerability Leaves Much of the Internet at RiskCourtesy of yhehackernews.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-284IronNet Wins 2021 Threat Detection Product of the Year at the Cyber Security AwardsCourtesy of cybersecurity-insiders.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-283AwareGO Announces the Release of Human Risk Assessment for EnterpriseCourtesy of cybersecurity-insiders.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-282Riverbed adds visibility and reporting capabilities for leading video applicationsCourtesy of helpnetsecurity.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-281NIST Cyber-Resiliency Framework Extended to Include Critical Infrastructure ControlsCourtesy of darkreading.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-280Dark web posts shed light on Panasonic breachCourtesy of techtarget.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-279Critical Apache Log4j 2 bug under attack; mitigate nowCourtesy of techtarget.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-278Week in security with Tony AnscombeCourtesy of welivesecurity.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-277Cloudflare collaborates with leading cyber insurers to help businesses reduce their cyber riskCourtesy of helpnetsecurity.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-276CACI partners with Yubico to enhance trusted mobile platformsCourtesy of helpnetsecurity.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-275CloudBees raises $245M to advance and accelerate product innovationCourtesy of helpnetsecurity.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-274Cuba ransomware gang hacked 49 US critical infrastructure organizationsCourtesy of cyberdefensemagazine.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-273Nobelium APT targets French orgs, French ANSSI agency warnsCourtesy of cyberdefensemagazine.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-272Cyberespionage in Southeast Asia. Two young extortion gangs make their bones. Bot-herders like MikroTik devices. Log4Shell zero-day exploited in the wild. Update on the Assange case.Courtesy of thecyberwire.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-271Jason Lewkowicz joins Optiv as SVP of Cyber Defense and Applied SecurityCourtesy of helpnetsecurity.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-270Security Experts Sound Alarm on Zero-Day in Widely Used Log4j ToolCourtesy of darkreading.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-269Simplified Ransomware MitigationCourtesy of govinfosecurity.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-268Report Dissects Conti Ransomware Attack on Ireland's HSECourtesy of govinfosecurity.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-267Severe Apache Log4j Vulnerability Threatens Enterprise AppsCourtesy of govinfosecurity.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-266Apache Log4j vulnerability actively exploited, impacting millions of Java-based appsCourtesy of csoonline.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-265Oliver Rochford of Securonix to discuss if good security is affordable.Courtesy of thecyberwire.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-264Weapons of distraction. Evolving US breach notification requirements. Corruption under discussion at the Summit of Democracies.Courtesy of thecyberwire.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-263Reports: breaches at Cox Communication and DDC. Data breach in South Australia. A case of human error.Courtesy of thecyberwire.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-262Reports: breaches at Cox Communication and DDC. Data breach in South Australia. A case of human error.Courtesy of thecyberwire.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-261Russian National Sentenced for Role in Kelihos BotnetCourtesy of darkreading.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-260Australian Government Staff Data Leaked in 3rd-Party BreachCourtesy of govinfosecurity.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-259Recent quantum computing advances point to brighter futureCourtesy of searchdatacenter10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-258Cybersecurity employee training: How to build a solid planCourtesy of techtarget.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-257Next-Gen Maldocs & How to Solve the Human VulnerabilityCourtesy of threatpost.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-256High Severity Zero-Day Vulnerability CVE-2021-44228 Affects Apache Log4jCourtesy of binarydefense.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-255Dozen of Malicious NPM Packages Caught Hijacking Discord ServersCourtesy of gbhackers.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-254Karakurt Hacking Group Focuses on Data Theft and ExtortionCourtesy of binarydefense.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-253Oxeye Identifies Vulnerabilities Cloud Native Applications with CNAST PlatformCourtesy of gbhackers.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-252Wordfence Experts Identify Attack Targeting Over 1 Million WordPress WebsitesCourtesy of binarydefense.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-251ISMG Editors: Can We Finally Get Rid of the Password?Courtesy of govinfosecurity.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-250Hellman Worldwide Logistics: Operations Disrupted by AttackCourtesy of govinfosecurity.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-249Critical RCE 0day in Apache Log4j library exploited in the wild (CVE-2021-44228)Courtesy of helpnetsecurity.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-248Zero Day in Ubiquitous Apache Log4j Tool Under Active AttackCourtesy of threatpost.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-247Cyberespionage in support of Belt and Road. Karakurt and Black Cat ransomware rising. Bot-herding. Mr. Assange's setback.Courtesy of thecyberwire.com10/Dec/21
BPC-CR-246What is Relevant Work Experience for CISSP?Courtesy of cybersecurity-insiders.com10/Dec/21